Sunday, February 3, 2019

Intentional Series: Health

Your Health.

This post was kind of a tough one for me to get started. Though we are all human, our bodies are so unique, and the needs of each are varying as well.

Sure, we all need plenty of water, clean air, calories for energy, adequate sleep to regenerate. Those are the basics, we all know that. But it seems that is where it ends.

With the amount of research and technology we have today we are finding out more and more ways to get healthy and more and more things that are making us sick.

But it seems that not all of these things are effecting us equally. And not every "fix" is a cure for all.  And so, there is my hesitation.

Organic or GMO.
Keto or Adkins.
Cleaning with vinegar or bleach.
I'm sure you have your own: Fill in the blank....

Each of those come with a huge array of opinions and research.

And so where do we settle? How do we know what to follow?

When I find myself working through this quandary I come back to one word:


Exercise is good... in moderation.
Water is moderation.
Chocolate is moderation.
Coffee is moderation.

I'm guessing that even as you are reading this you have something in your life that you know you need to do less of...or something you need to do more of.

My challenge to you this week is to think through your habits and things you do in your life: what is something that you could change this week, to do in moderation a bit more, and perhaps replace with a healthier option?

Less screen time and more face time?
Less sitting and more walking?
Less eating sweets and more drinking water?

I don't know what it is for you, just tossing a few ideas out there.  But one thing is for sure. It will not be easy.  But then, taking the intentional road really isn't easy. It's a choice and it goes against our nature to take the easy road.

But it is doable.

And it starts with the choice.

With Intention,

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