Saturday, February 3, 2018

Lessons from windshield wipers

Lessons from windshield wipers.

Our wipers have been going bad for quite awhile. And then they were pretty bad for quite some time. Yet I continued to drive around with them like this for far too long. You see, the store where I needed to get them was outside of my normal route, so I just didn't fit it into my day. All it would really take is for me to drive a little bit out of my way, park, and walk into the store and buy new ones. 10 minutes tops to get it all done. But I just didn't. Bigger and better things to do. The minor inconvenience was enough for me to put it off.

This week I told myself I was going to make the time for it. It was such a simple thing, I needed to stop making it so complicated. Wipers have now been changed from that debacle below to clear views while driving. #bouttime

What else are we letting fall to the wayside in life? What is that thing that you know you need to do/ should do, but you keep putting it off? I know this is symbolic of others things in my life that I need to stop putting off and just DO already.

Here's my encouragement to you. Go get the wipers. It's worth the inconvenience and you can see a WHOLE lot better when you do.

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