Friday, May 26, 2017

Week 19: That One Closet

So, I mentioned in a previous post how our house has no closets.

Sorry, I must retract that and rephrase.

When we moved into this house it had no closets (besides the ones in the bedrooms). There was no place for towels in the bathroom, extra sheets for beds, board games, and all those various things you put in closets.

But, when 75% of our house was destroyed by water and everything was down to the studs, we had the contractor build a closet into a small spot that was not functional before.

Hence, our small closet for some of those various things.

Several of the shelves hold board games and those things have a tendency to get cluttered up pretty quick.

So, I emptied out all the shelves, determined what games were actually played (keep) and what was just taking up space (donate), and put the closet back in order.

It wasn't a horrendously difficult job, but once done, I found the kids playing with more board games. Amazing how a little organization can make things easy to access and more likely to be used...

 The Before. The top two shelves stay pretty organized as the kids really can't reach them. Swim towels and swim suits go there. But now that summer break is here.....I am figuring on this one getting a little more messed up, It helps that all the swim suits are kept in a bag so it keeps them all together. Swim shoes go in a container and towels share a shelf with a bag that holds the sunscreen bottles and goggles.

 Before on Left, after on Right. Puzzles are contained in the basket. Some games were donated, the rest stacked. I'm guessing there will be another purge yet this year with these shelves...

 Two after shots. The shelves are deep and I think it will be tough to now lose things in the back. I tried to stack in a way that all the games can be seen and easily pulled out without having to pull everything out at once.

 My box of pictures....that will have to be a purge someday. But I know that will be an all day thing so finding a day like that.....we'll see.

For now I moved the box of pictures to my office so they are in plain sight and more likely to be taken care of. Staying is my working record player and collection of records plus a Chinese Checker board.

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  1. A record fun!
    My pictures would take more than a they keep piling up! 😬