Friday, May 5, 2017

Week 18: All the places to hide

OK. I admit. I am losing a bit of steam. I would love to have more time to devote to this purging thing, but time keeps marching on and I'm finding I don't have those large chunks of time that I need to tackle a space. I'm sure most people reading this paragraph can relate.

So, I'm going a bit smaller.

Like WAY smaller.

I took care of a dresser.

I love our house for the open living, kitchen, dining area it has.

What I'm sort of bummed about is that there are really no closets (besides the bedrooms).

I say sort of, because, really, it's a blessing in disguise.

No closets = no spots to hide everything.

But, that also means I have no spots to hide everything....

Enter, the Dresser.  This dresser has become the spot where things go to hide, and it was time to clean out.

I was so intent on cleaning it out that I didn't take pictures (that's why there are more pictures of the flowers on top of the dresser than the dresser itself!), but here is a list of things that were removed and are on their way to the Thrift Store or where they actually belong:

- 25 CD's (I kept about half. The ones I still listen to and ones where I like all the songs on the tract. If I only liked one song or two, I passed on it. I figure I can always find it online if I have a burning deisre to listen to it.
- 5 tennis balls (?)
- paper trash (children.....)
- 3 large sticks (?) children, again.....
- 5 'freebie bags" You know, those bags with the strings that can be made into a book bag? Yeah, there are only 5 of us....we don't need 2 a piece.
- About half my stash of sheets. Rarely do we have 15 people sleeping at our house at once. I didn't need that many hanging around.

At the end I was able to close the drawers without force and I could see everything with one look. I didn't have to dig. I feel like is the goal for any drawer in my house. If I am able to open and close without force, or having to tuck things down and in to make it close, and if I'm able to see everything with one look and without having to root around, then mission accomplished.

The dresser is now the designated spot for:
1: sheet music, CD's, and Owen's recorder
2: bags
3: empty! woot! woot!
4: sheets for overnight guests
5: Hannah's crafts

Now, to keep it that way.

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