Friday, May 5, 2017

March Lookback

 Well, somewhere in the midst of life I neglected to post my March Lookback.

Not that any of you care too much whether they get posted or not, but I'm pretty good at putting unnecessary obligations upon myself, so it needs to get done.

Plus, it was fun to look back at March and remember. It wasn't that long ago but things can quickly be forgotten. I'm so glad I take pictures to jog my memory.

March had a gentle roll to it. There were things on the calendar, but there were empty spots, too.

Praise and Worship Night, Field Trips, a conference where I learned how to better gear by Business toward Missions (spoke to my heart!), a 3AM wake-up call from the Tornado Siren, Boston Training, an early birthday celebration, and the start of Spring Break.
 The Time Change meant the sun came through the windows at an hour when I was still home and able to see it.

 I was thrilled to see that after spending a whole winter in the darkness of our garage, the fig tree was showing signs of life.

An evening with Owen's basketball team, and their parents. A great group if I do say so myself.
Hannah's class took a field trip to Safety Village to learn fire safety and how to escape from a burning building. These were nervous smiles as we were about to escape down a dark, smoky staircase and through a downstairs that was 'on fire.'

Paul's graciously allowed the girls to 'do' his hair.  I think this is a sign that it needs trimmed.....

While Paul trained for the Boston Marathon, we did our own form of "Boston Training." Walking at least a mile a day, getting ready for our big 5+ mile walk through the city.

These two pictures were taken 1 week apart. We got around 2 inches of snow along with freezing rain and sleet. One week later I attempted to run in 80+degree weather and just about lost it.

Due to being gone on my actual birthday, we celebrated a few days early. The kids were good with that as they could hardly wait to give me all their handmade gifts.

 We finished out the month heading out on our Spring Break. Not the warmest beach, but it was a getaway and it was our party of 5 and I am OK with that.

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