Saturday, May 6, 2017

April Lookback

We stayed in more hotels in April than I think we have in the entire last year.

It felt a little odd to do that much traveling, but some great memories were made along the way.

April 2017 was definitely one for the memory books.

The biggest memory maker of all in the month: Paul running the Boston Marathon. If you followed along on Facebook or Instagram, some of these pictures will look familiar. I tried my best to post a daily update to help catalogue the trip.

 As a birthday gift to me, my sister-in-law took me out to see Beauty in the Beast in the theater. I go to the movies about once every 5 years, and going as just the two of us to see my favorite Princess story was icing on the cake.  We may have been dancing in our seats and sitting with wide grins on our faces.....the whole time.

 Thanks to my job, we got a two day paid trip to a State Park lodge. Swimming, hiking, swimming, reading, and swimming were all part of the agenda.

The weather wasn't the greatest, but we still got a decent hike in regardless.

 On the other end of Spring Break we met up with my family at a hotel and celebrated my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary.  More swimming was on the agenda for that one, too.

 The Steffen clan headed to dinner.

 Just a little evening baseball lesson.

 Day 1 of the East Coast road trip. 12 hours of driving to New Haven, CT

 Day 2 was a little time with extended family, checking into our 10th floor hotel room in Boston, and touring a bit of the North End. Owen finally got to see the Old North Church and we took a picture by Cheers (can't really see the sign in this picture...)

 Picking up the race packet!!!

 Day 3 was Easter Sunday. We listened to our home congregation's service online then headed into the  throngs to pick up the race packet, see a bit more of Boston, and carbo-load on pasta.

 Day 4 - RACE DAY!! Paul got up super early, walked about 3/4 of a mile to his shuttle that took him out to the starting line in Hopkinton, MA.
 We watched the start of the race (10 AM) in the hotel room, then headed out to find a spot to watch. Divine intervention led us to the perfect spot where we set up camp for about 2.5 hours, plus we were able to see Paul run by! That evening there was a celebration party at Fenway Park for the runners and their families.  We road the subway there and it was an experience for all of us to say the least...

 Paul finished the race in 3 hours and 40 minutes. Of the 10 marathons he has run - this one was the toughest!

 Subway ride to Fenway...there were a few nervous passengers...

 Panoramic shot of the field. We got to walk around the whole perimeter, touch the Green Monster, sit in the dugouts, and take pictures with the World Series Trophies.

 Day 5: 14 hours home. We had blue skies the whole way....

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