Friday, April 7, 2017

Week 14: Put the kids to work

This week is Spring Break in our house. We've had a few travels planned, but there were going to be a few days that we were going to be home.

I still wanted to get my weekly de-clutter in, so, I enlisted the kids help since they were around.

I know it's kinda like shoveling the driveway when it's still snowing, but this mess needs managed, even it it's going to be wrecked shortly after we finish.

 When we were looking for a house a few years back I really desired a basement. For two reasons: a place to go during tornadoes and a place to put all the kids' toys.  Ironically, it kinda looks like a tornado went through....

Unfortunately, basements were out of our price range.  But, we found a Ranch with a one room attic space above.  This became the play room.

Also, because it is upstairs and out of the way, it often is where things get dumped and set aside to be dealt with later.

This was that 'later.'

In my quest for minimalism, my children are the biggest deterrent.  I feel like we do a pretty good job of not buying a lot of toys (we have grandparents that do a great job of that themselves!)  but they still accumulate a lot of rocks, strings, papers, and all sorts of random miscellany that it truly boggles the mind.

I do desire less, but I have decided that at this season in life, some of this will just be.

And it did make my heart smile when we were all done and Madeline says, "Mom, when we get rid of extra things it makes me feel less crazy and a lot cleaner." 

I think that summed it up quite nicely.

After the clean-up purging what we ended up with was:
-Building Blocks
-American Girls Dolls
-Toy Kitchen and food
-One Rubbermaid container that holds a variety of toys. But if the lid doesn't fit on, something has to go.
-Oh, and my chairs. Can you tell I have a problem with chairs?  I really should part with a few of them, but I love the eclectic mix and being able to pull a hodge-podge of chairs out for guests. Plus, the kids can build great forts with them.

In our quest for less, we try to keep all toys contained to the play room.  There are a few things in the kids' rooms, but most of what is there is craft projects, stuffed animals that they sleep with, and books.

Their rooms will no doubt be tackled in the near future.

But first, I think I need a breather after this one.

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