Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 10: Maintenance

Whew. I've had a cold/bug/flu that has been beating me up for the past two weeks. This post was supposed to make it up last week but time slipped away from me.

So, this week's Pare Down - well, actually LAST week's posted this week - is taking a slightly different vein.  I'm here to encourage you.  If you are contemplating paring down and it looks like too big of a mountain to tackle or you've done a bit and just really wonder if the fight it worth it - consider this up side of when it is done - despite being sick for 2 weeks, the house still managed to look decently clean/put together. And it's not because all the people in the house are on the same page with me - we have 3 children that live here and DO NOT have the standards of 'picked up' that I do. I'm sure you can relate.

But when there is less to manage, it can be managed in less time.

I have seen that lived out here. So, if you are in the middle of that battle, keep working at it. One corner, one space at a time.

My week 10 consisted of tackling a pile of papers that needed to be addressed (i.e. bills, permission slips) cleaning off the kitchen island, and taking care of the final tax paperwork (yuck....but necessary).

There wasn't a huge purge this week. More like a maintenance. But it took about 30 minutes total.  And gave me plenty of time to do other hack and cough, take care of children who were hacking and coughing, and try to get to bed early and hope I felt better the next day.

Now that I am feeling better...on to Week 11!
And here's to fresh air and Spring! It's got to get here eventually..... 

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