Thursday, February 2, 2017

For Madeline, because now you are 7

You've counted down to this day for about the last 6 months, even making a chart to cross off each day as it passed.

And now, finally, you are 7.

A 7-year-old full of spunk.  As the youngest, you fit that role to a tee. I don't like to put people in boxes, or label then as "such and such", but I do have to call it like I see it with this one.

You love the spotlight, dancing your way through the day, throwing out a joke to make us all laugh.  Even at a very early age you had the ability to tell a joke way beyond your years.

I try my best to not let you get away with things, but I think some days, when I'm feeling a bit vulnerable seeing my baby grow up, you may just get a little more leeway than normal.

I love that you still want to snuggle on my lap. And, although my back is starting to complain a bit more about it, you want me to carry you, too.

You have an excellent ability to read people's emotions. Often observing out loud how you think someone may be feeling (you usually read me right!)

You love to follow your big sis around, sometimes to her frustration.  But I love to see the sister-bond that is developing.

You have a heart for Jesus. Which is the best part.  Just a few weeks ago you commented in the car that you can't wait to get to heaven because then you would "get to finally see what Jesus looks like and ride on the unicorns and lions...because you know unicorns and lions have wings, Mommy!"

And although you were eagerly looking forward to being 7, you have no desire to really grow up. You sometimes get worried if you will know how to drive, you're afraid of having your own children (you'd rather adopt!), and you confessed the other day that you really hope Jesus comes back before you get too big.

For now, Madeline, treasure the days of being 7. Days where imagination still reigns, and you can still fit in your mommy's lap.

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