Friday, January 20, 2017

Inaugaration Musings...

One would have to be pretty much off the grid to not know what is happening today.

1 minute of scrolling Facebook, or hearing the radio or newscast could tell you as well.

I am not here to voice my political views. I don't want this to be the platform for that.

But what I will say is that today does not make me cheer, nor does it make me despair.

Because, in reality, a new man may now be holding office, but this was already known, planned, and ordained long before either of those men were even born.

No, today I do not throw out cheers or jeers on my Facebook wall. I do not stand here on my soapbox and rant.

Today I offer Hope.

Hope that does not depend on who is leading a country, any country.

I do not desire for our President to fail, just like I didn't want the last one to fail either.

Because we would all go down with the ship. 

Do not place your hope in something that is fleeting, something that grows old, fades, passes on.

But place your hope in something eternal. Because, truly, our God is greater than any President. He was not surprised by this election, and can work through and with whomever He chooses.

So, today I am thankful to be an American. To live in a land where each of us is allowed to voice our opinions and not be in fear of persecution from the government (but, unfortunately, from fellow Americans!)  

Today I do not place my hope in "Change" or that America is going to be "great again."

No, today I am thankful, and hopeful. Just like I was 4 years ago. Because my hope rests not on this feeble ground, nor the ones who walk it.

But on One Unshakable. 

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