Saturday, July 30, 2016

June Lookback

Well, it's still July so I'm getting slightly better with these Lookback posts. 

Getting out of school before Memorial Day made June all the more better.  It wasn't tainted by any school days, Paul was in summer mode, there was Vacation Bible School to attend, and a vacation to look forward to at the end.

June was full but it was all good.

Reminders all around that God is good, even in the hard.

And that His Love can be found in the little things that make up a day.

Finding a tree frog named Greenie

Having friends who let you use their pool

Enjoying the local park that has a river rock play area + splash pad

 Stuffing rocks in your shirt just because...

 Watching Paul play basketball. I enjoyed in 16+ years ago in high school and I enjoy it still.

 Marathon training and finding mulberries while waiting to hand off Gatorade

 The kids had allowance burning a hole in their pockets so we headed to the candy store, and a little flea market shopping as well.

 Celebrating Father's Day

 Road trip to Illinois, to say goodbye and celebrate a life well lived.  Grandma Jane left a legacy that will leave ripples well past this generation.

 Vacation Bible School and Hannah is in her element with Arts and Crafts

 Refinishing an oak table that is now out kitchen table. From the stripping to the sanding to the painting, it was a total family effort.


Edisto Island and Charleston, SC

A week of high humidity and lots of beach time. 

A special THANK YOU to Paul's parents who share their timeshare points with us to even make this possible. Seriously, if our families didn't plan out large family trips or give us timeshare points.....all our vacationing would be done in our backyard.

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