Saturday, July 30, 2016

June Lookback

Well, it's still July so I'm getting slightly better with these Lookback posts. 

Getting out of school before Memorial Day made June all the more better.  It wasn't tainted by any school days, Paul was in summer mode, there was Vacation Bible School to attend, and a vacation to look forward to at the end.

June was full but it was all good.

Reminders all around that God is good, even in the hard.

And that His Love can be found in the little things that make up a day.

Finding a tree frog named Greenie

Having friends who let you use their pool

Enjoying the local park that has a river rock play area + splash pad

 Stuffing rocks in your shirt just because...

 Watching Paul play basketball. I enjoyed in 16+ years ago in high school and I enjoy it still.

 Marathon training and finding mulberries while waiting to hand off Gatorade

 The kids had allowance burning a hole in their pockets so we headed to the candy store, and a little flea market shopping as well.

 Celebrating Father's Day

 Road trip to Illinois, to say goodbye and celebrate a life well lived.  Grandma Jane left a legacy that will leave ripples well past this generation.

 Vacation Bible School and Hannah is in her element with Arts and Crafts

 Refinishing an oak table that is now out kitchen table. From the stripping to the sanding to the painting, it was a total family effort.


Edisto Island and Charleston, SC

A week of high humidity and lots of beach time. 

A special THANK YOU to Paul's parents who share their timeshare points with us to even make this possible. Seriously, if our families didn't plan out large family trips or give us timeshare points.....all our vacationing would be done in our backyard.

Monday, July 18, 2016

May Lookback

 It's July. Half way through July.

And this is a May Lookback.

I am so behind I hang my head in shame. I will not give excuses.  But I do hope that this does not become a trend.

Not because you are all on the edge of your seats waiting in anticipation for what the Suvars are up to, but because, it is SO hard to remember all the details 6 weeks after the fact.  I need to record right at the end of the month so I can record the details better.

So, most of this will be pictures with commentary between.  Mostly for the benefit of grandparents, who are really the ones who read this anyway.

Without further ado....May.

 We did soccer. Thankfully Owen and Hannah were on the same team so we only had to do one set of practices and one set of games.  Hooray for multi-tasking!

 Burning dinner + sunny evening = sunbeams shining through the prisms in the door. The picture doesn't quite capture how really cool it was.  But the dinner was NOT cool. Not at all.

 Jog-a-thon: a suprer crazy day where Paul is in charge of all the food for a giant crowd and all our kids want me to run the laps with them.  6 miles total.

Mother's Day. Special breakfast and special performance by the kids.

 Spending some time with the Steffen clan. Always a good time and always good for a laugh.

 Taking in a baseball game, thanks to a Reading Program through school.

 Owen's Cub Scout pinning, and his God and Me badge

 Finally doing hot-weather activities: washing the van and running through the sprinkler

 Hannah and Madeline's Dance recital. Sam and Kat came for the weekend and of course some Mario Cart had to be played.

 While at my work, Owen wanted to write on the chalkboard...and this is what he chose to write.

 Finally the first tooth has come out!

My 3 warriors and their fort.

 Hannah's genealogy project

 The last day of school! Saying goodbye and thank you to 3 awesome, Godly women: Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Good, and Mrs. McKown.  So thankful for their influences in our kids' lives this past year. Also, it was so glorious to get out BEFORE Memorial Day. I can't remember the last time that happened, but it has helped the summer feel just a tad bit longer (obviously....).

 Celebrating the start of Summer (for the kids AND Paul) by going to the zoo.

And REALLY celebrating the start of Summer with a roadtrip, just the two of us, to a wedding in Nebraska.  The scenery wasn't all that spectacular (hello corn fields!) but the company was the best.