Saturday, June 18, 2016

Grandma Jane

Grandma Jane.

Devoted wife of 64 years. Mother of 6 (4 in 4 years!).  Grandmother of 22. Great Grandmother of 54+. A dairyman's wife, working alongside, supporting, despite the fact that she didn't like milk (oh, the irony!).

Avid Cardinal's fan, lover of crosswords, Scrabble, and jigsaw puzzles.

And no one can hold a candle to her Sweet Tea.

I will remember her as the one who was always serving, always loving.

In her quiet, peaceful way.

She was a woman of few words, even now her actual words do not come to mind.

But her actions do.

She was the one making sure everyone had enough to eat.

She was the one who would sit quietly, listening intently to what you had to say.

She was the one who always had time to read you one more book.

She was the one, that even when Parkinson's robbed her of the ability to move and speak, continued to be a Prayer Warrior from her wheelchair.

And she gave the best hugs.

No doubt when I come to the end of my life, there will be things said about me, "She was (insert something nice) but she also was (insert one of my MANY poor attributes).

But this is not so for Grandma Jane. As I think back on who she was, I can not think of one downside to her personality, her life.

There are not many people you can say something like that about.

As I sat at her funeral, thinking over my memories with her, my thought was that if I could possess a fraction of what she was, if ever I was told that I reminded someone of Jane, THAT would be the highest compliment indeed.

She was beautiful soul.  A life well lived. An example of serving God the best you can, with what you have, with where you are at.

We can't all do huge wonderful things and get our names splashed across headlines.

But we CAN do small wonderful things that will impact those around us. Living an example that points back to Jesus.

We can ALL do that.

And that is the legacy that Grandma Jane leaves for me.


  1. a correction--she had 4 children in 28 months! Mike,August 29, 1950; Jim, December 15, 1951; Twins - December 8, 1952. She was a very busy, never complaining mother! We were so incredibly blessed! lhk

  2. Well written Nichole. You knew your Grandma well. Thanks for remembering her in your BLOG.

  3. What a cool example, Nichole!