Tuesday, May 24, 2016

April Lookback

 Well, it's still in May so I am telling myself that I'm not late....although compared to other months I am!

My camera battery went capoot and I was negligent in getting a new one so most pictures were done on my phone with a less-than-stellar camera. Oh well. It's still documented.

April had birthdays and Spring Break and a Band debut.

It was full of ballet and soccer and school and more lesson plans and other school responsibilities for Paul.

It was full, but it was good.

 The beginning of the month brought my birthday and LOTS of homemade gifts!

 Spring Break was a very welcome one.  We had a chance to spend time at a State Park and even squeaked a date night out of the week (hurrah!)

 Paul picked up the Bass at the beginning of the year and has loved being a part of a Praise and Worship band. It was a huge highlight to be able to sing praise to my Jesus and see my husband performing at the same time. Looking forward to the next one!

 Getting together with family to celebrate March/April birthdays

 The girls got their first ever professional haircut. WAY better than any hack job I have ever done.

 I went with Madeline on a field trip to a dairy farm. It made me SO nostalgic for my Grandpa and Grandma's farm and all the sweet memories made there.

And we finished out the month with one more birthday!  
The gift-giver got gifts and she was delighted.

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