Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hannah the 8 year old

 Hannah. Today you turned 8.

It's so cliche, but it's true. Those 8 years went fast. 

And over those 8 years so many things have remained true.

You are loud.  The teachers at school do not believe me because you are so quiet, but they need to spend a day with you outside of the classroom to find out.  From the moment you were born, with you loud piercing cry that even made the doctor and several nurses comment on the noise, you have made yourself known.  You live life loud. With singing and dancing and weird noises and laughter.

You love art.  The one time you are not loud, is when you are creating your art. Painting, sculpting, drawing, illustrating your books, coloring, making creations out of boxes. You do it all and love it all.

You have a heart for the hurting.  You pray daily for your friends and for "those people who love Jesus and are hurt because they do." You ask me about my friends who you know are sick. Asking if they are better yet.

You are our daughter. Middle child.  Little sister, Big sister. You get to be both.  You follow and you lead.  You work to find the balance between the two.

Your dad and I pray that you heart for Jesus would continue. That despite the world trying to tell your different, your relationship to Jesus is #1.  We love you Hannah, you are precious in your Father's eyes, and in ours, too.

Happy 8th Birthday, Hannah!

 Welcome to the world, Hannah.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March Lookback

I confess, I have not been doing the best as of late with the blogging.  I miss the writing.  Putting the thoughts that bounce around in my head into words on a digital page.  But there are currently other things in my life that are taking precedence.  I only pray that when I have the time to sit and type that God will bring the words back to me.  Not so that I can impress others, but merely so I have in print these ideas that float in and out so quickly.

March was here. And then it wasn't.  It toyed around with us pretending to be Spring for 24 hours and then plunged us into snowy white Winter the next.  I have to give it credit, most of it's month consists of Winter, but when the last 3rd of the month rolls around, we are ready for the temps to increase a bit and the sun to stick around.
But, like other things in life, one must roll with the punches. So we found other reasons to be thankful when we couldn't be thankful for cold.
Most importantly, Easter, and all that it holds. The promise of new life. That beauty can come out of the ugly. That something once dead and lifeless can breathe again.
May we carry that reminder in our hearts long past the Easter season. That we too, are like the bare branches in Winter. In need of Redemption. To turn our dull brown sticks into limbs that bare gorgeous flowers, leaves, and fruit.
But only through Him.
In honor of Dr Suess: Wacky Wednesday

We held off for 9 years of children. But I swallowed my pride and we moved on up to the mini-van.  And, yeah, yeah, it's kinda nice.....

Our Seder Dinner

We had a couple beautiful snows that we knew wouldn't stick around. So, one night after dinner we went outside to enjoy it. Playing in the snow in the dark past bedtime. The kids loved it.

We had a chance to get to know fellow Christ-followers that we hosted in our home for several days. It was a step out of our comfort zone but totally worth it.

We followed Paul and his radio announcing gig on the tournament trail. Press badges, separate entrance, and free food afterward!

Easter with the Steffens and a group shot of EVERYONE. Epic.

Celebrating my dear Aunt Marcia

Easter with the Suvars. One of the nice days in March weather-wise. 
Even had a chance for an Easter Egg hunt.

Glimpses of Spring...

I love my tribe. The End.