Thursday, March 24, 2016

Seder 2016

The lamb, the wine, the matzoh.

 The bitter herbs, the green herbs, the Haroseth.

I love symbolism.  Hidden meanings behind things.  Small glimpses that point to a much bigger picture.

And the Passover meal is FULL of it.

As we celebrated the Seder dinner this evening with our kids I was gripped again with the beauty of God's story, and how He wove the thread of Jesus into every fabric of it.

There are four cups that we drank tonight.

I Kuddush - the cup of Thanksgiving
II Haggadah - the cup of Deliverance
III The Cup of Blessing
IV The Cup of Melchizedek

During the Cup of Blessing the words are spoken that the Lord is the giver of all our sustenance.  How astounding then, when Jesus stands up during his Last Supper, and announces that He IS the bread.  He IS our sustenance.  And that our sustenance, what we need to live, would be broken so that we may never die.

During the Cup of Melchizedek the words are spoken about Melchizedek being the High Priest and that this cup represents righteousness.  And then Jesus stands up and declares that He IS this cup.  Poured out for us.  He IS righteousness.

I know it's often thought that the Disciples were kind of clueless to Jesus' true intent, but I would think that they would at least be a little rocked by what He was just claiming.  Hundreds of years of Passovers had been said before that night. Always pointing back to the Exodus and remembering Israel's deliverance.

And then Jesus, King of Kings, declares before them all that He is what the Passover has been talking about all this time.  I like to think that it at least gave them a little pause.

But then again, maybe not.  They did go out and fall asleep in the Garden after all.

But we have the benefit of hindsight.  We are able to look back at all of this and see clearly where God was leading His story.

Jesus.  His Son. The Cross. Redemption. A Rescue from a slavery so much bigger than what the Egyptians dealt out.

So here we are on the brink of Good Friday.  What are you going to do with Jesus' claims?

Sustenance and Righteousness.  He is both of those for each of us.  If we choose.

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