Friday, March 4, 2016

February Lookback

OK. Wow.  That went fast.

By now I fear I am sounding like a broken record.

Despite the extra day this February contained, it did nothing to make it feel longer. 

I remember as a kid thinking that February was THE WORST.  It always seemed so long.


We celebrated a 6 year old, spent some quiet evenings at home, hosted a house full of fun, spent some evenings watching ball games, and generally tried to live with purpose the days we've been given.

We may not be moving mountains in our corner of the world, but we're trying to what we can, with what we have, while we have it.

 Madeline turns 6!  How do you like my stellar cake job? And we didn't have anything in the house that I could make a decent frosting with the cover up the mess. Thankfully it tasted good!

  Sweet notes from Madeline.  Love that she is starting to read and write things all on her own.

 We have dear friends from our first couple years of marriage who we had all converge at our house for a weekend. 16 people (10 of them kids!) all under one roof.  It was a blast!

 And this picture here encapsulates one reason I love these people so much:  Renee spent time with all the girls, pretending to be fairies and running around the gym.  All the parents got in a game of basketball with the kids as well.  They are such great friends, not only to Paul and I, but to our children, too.

 Enjoying the little bits of snow that we actually got....

And then enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather when we got that, too!

 Dance parties: to burn off energy and keep us warm on the chilly nights!
Spending many an evening in the crow's nest, watching high school basketball while Paul played sportscaster.

 Getting up before the sun on a Saturday morning to watch Owen play ball.

 Thanking God that we have been a part of each others lives for 19 years.

 And 19 years later....this is how we do Super Bowl parties around here....

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