Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Refining Fire

A couple weeks back I posted this picture on Instagram with this comment:

"This right here is my refining fire. Practicing spelling with my second grader. Life is not all pretty pictures and upbeat Facebook posts. This brings out my ugly side every time. #spellingisnotherforte #prayingthroughthefire #dailythanks"

I used to be a patient person.  

And then I became a mother. 

And it seems of the 3, our middle is the one who shows me time and time again that I have such a long way to go.

I don't say this to demean her. I don't want her to read this some day and think I held anything against her for the fact that she is the one makes me practice my patience on a moment by moment basis.

I say this to show that God gives us exactly what we need.  Not always what we want, because that would be dangerous.  But exactly what is needed to refine us.

Sometimes the needs that are met are pleasant.   

And sometimes they make us come face to face with who we really are and we need to turn our hearts back to Him, and fall to our knees in sorrow over the mess we have made once again.

So, although I will be glad when summer break is here, and I won't have to do spelling lists week after week through gritted teeth, I realize it for the task that it is.

Learning spelling words for her.  A refinement of patience for me. 

Because the good Lord knows He is not finished with me yet!

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