Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Another Missionary Goodbye

 As has started to feel the norm around here, we are saying good-bye to yet another family who we have come to count as some of our dearest friends.

 Owen and Kaine trying to find "jungle people"

We first got to know the Muellers when they moved to our area to work at Gateway Woods.  Their Kaine was just a few months old and I was weeks away from having Owen.

 Madeline and Layla
Within the next two years we also started working at Gateway and enjoyed having the Muellers as our neighbors on campus.

Halle and Hannah

They left Gateway in 2011 to pursue training with New Tribes Missions.  And now, after 4+ years of training, they are headed to Papua New Guinea.

It had become our custom to make sure we had a get together each time they were in the area during their training breaks.  A little over a week ago we got together for our last one....for awhile. 

 One final picture! (with the addition of Meron, far right)
Each time we say goodbye to our missionary friends we are reminded of eternity

That we aren't promised tomorrow, whether in the jungles of Papua New Guinea or the suburbs of America.

But we have been given Hope. 

Hope of a future where we will never have to say good-bye.

And the get-togethers never end.

So, through the tears of parting and good-byes, I hold on that.

 Dodgeball - kids versus dads
 They get along SO well! Daisy, Madeline, and Layla

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