Monday, October 12, 2015

Owen the 9-year-old

The baby that made me a mother turned 9 today.

He requested the family favorite of Cabbage, Bacon, and Noodles for supper and an Angel Food Cake for dessert because "it will be easy for you to make, mom."

His cake was topped with various numbers that added up to 9 because I didn't have actual candles...oops.

When asked what he wanted to do for the evening:  "take a walk because I know mom likes to do that and play Mario Kart because I know that's what dad likes."

 Owen, it's a joy to watch how you approach life.  Always asking "how" and "why."  You've got a knack for numbers and can get lost in a 500 page novel for hours. 

Your scripture memory abilities put me to shame. 

You are the big brother to your sisters.  You are always watching out for them.  Sometimes this is helpful...sometimes it is not.  But I know this is born out of your desire to follow the rules and you appreciate when others follow the rules, too.

You've gotten sucked into the world of Mincraft, and although your time on the computer is limited, you could talk Minecraft all day long if my mind could stand it.

Owen, we love the energy you bring this family.  How, thanks to you and your dad, you keep our house from being completely overrun with pink and princess and fairy.

You have a heart for Jesus and we pray that you continue to seek Him as you grow into the man He wants you to become.

Happy 9th year, Owen!  We are so glad you are part of this Suvar party of 5!

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