Monday, October 26, 2015

On adventuring

It was one of those picturesque fall afternoons.

The sky was that delightful shade of happy blue.

A slight breeze, the warm sun.

It was the perfect time for an adventure walk.

So, with clip boards in hand, we started out.

They paused every few 100 feet of so to add to their map.  Drawing details to make it just right.

We snaked and wound through the subdivisions.  One leading to another.

Eventually coming to a cul-de-sac.  Having no choice but to turn around.

So we followed the sidewalk, looking for clues on where to turn, consulting the map.

The bright red tree, the creek, the fire hydrant, the house with ten cars (a party!)

Object lesson: some things can be good markers, truths that will stand the test of time and be truth to let you know where to turn (i.e. the creek, the fire hydrant)

And some things will change.  Some things you can't always reply on to be there, or to be the truth.  You can't depend on them to be accurate (i.e. those 10 cars probably won't be there tomorrow).

We have been reminded several times in these last couple weeks the importance of helping our kids find and identify truth.

And just as important: to find and identify lies. and evil. and sin.

It's in our parenting nature to protect.  To keep our children from the hurt and pain and lies that this world throws their way.

But now is when they need to see them (in appropriate doses!). 

Now, when they are still with us.  When we are in the same room, same home, to help them see where the lies are at, and where the Truth really exists.

So, when they are out there making their own map in the world.  Forging their own trail.  They will be able to see the false markers for what they are. 

Be able to call them what they are: Lies, Sin, Evil.

And be able to make the choice to look for the Truth.  And to pursue it.

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