Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Lookback

 "Mom and Dad Snowboarding"  by Hannah

That bridge between Winter and Spring.  We don't expect warm weather right at the start, but we sure hope it has something for us by the end.

Thankfully, March delivered here this year.  The final day of March gave us temps in the 50's!  Although, I had my doubts when it decided to send snow just days after it was officially Spring.

With the weather still frigid, we spent most of it indoors.  Dance parties, hide and seek, Lego creations, and drawing were our weapons of choice to whittle away the remaining cold days.

March Madness showed up, much to Paul's delight, and gave us a reprieve with endless games of basketball.

Balancing an egg on the Spring Equinox

 Paul went to a Dad's Night at Maddie's preschool.  This was the front cover of the book she made.

 I love this chalkboard wall.  And I love changing it up every month.

 Snow on March 23rd.  Not unheard of.  But certainly not welcome.  But what my mom always says "Snow in March doesn't stick around" And it didn't.

 With the time change, the sun now comes in at a different time in the morning.  Sometimes we are home to catch it!

 Dance Party!

And sometimes Owen joins in with the guitar

We rounded out the month with a much anticipated trip to Pokagon State Park.  Swimming, hiking, swimming, and let's see....swimming, were most of what went down at the Lodge.

 Hiking up the Toboggan Hill at Pokagon.

So very thankful for this time, this age, of our kids.  They still want to be with us, and still see the world with wide-eyed wonder.

I don't always do it right, but I try to remember and hold onto those moments, and try not to ruin them with wanting things in my time and my way.  (kinda what I am trying to teach out kids! yeesh!)

Thankful to have made it through this Winter.  Thankful to see the tulips start to push through the earth.  As thankful for the sunshine as I am.

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