Monday, April 27, 2015

For our Hannah, the 7 year old.

Oy, yes, it's a few days late.

Please don't hold that against me.

You were lucky enough to have family stay the weekend with us over your birthday and that led to no Internet time which led to no birthday post.

It has nothing to do with you being the middle child, although I am sure later in life you will think that it does.

Hannah, you longed for the day you turned 7.  Just like all those birthdays before.

3+3+1=7.  Hey, we didn't have any other candles...

And now here you are.  The lucky number 7.  For some reason, when I was your age, I wanted to stay 7 forever.  I would even cry sometimes at the thought of growing up. 

I'm no longer 7 (obviously) but now you are. 

It's clear by the high-water jeans that used to once pool around your shoes that you are growing.

It's obvious in your reading and math skills that you are learning.

And it shows in your actions that you are maturing.

As has become the norm, you are our artist.  You love to create.  And you are at your best when you do.

Writing books using scraps of paper and string, making toy boats out of cardboard, turning pillows into forts.  It's in the business of generating something new out of old that you thrive.

I pray that as you grow that it will become clear to you how that gift can be crafted for God.  How your ability to see the possibilities where no one else does can bring glory to His name.

I pray that your heart for the lonely and hurting continues to focus on bringing His light to those who have yet to find it.

I pray that you find your hope and security in the only One who can truly give it.

Happy 7th year, Hannah. 

We love you.

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