Friday, March 6, 2015

February Lookback

Welp.  Here we are nearly a week into March, and I'm just getting around to this.

I have no excuse to give, though I can come up with some.

Instead, I will post pics.

 We've had a good share of snow days around here, though, thankfully, not quite like last year.
This particular one was a Sunday.  Church let our early, all 3 kids went home and immediately put on snow clothes and played outside for several hours.

 It also happened to be Maddie's birthday.  
It was fun to be snuggled in together, with no need to go anywhere.

 The only downside was that grandparents weren't able to join us as planned, due to the snow.

 They were slated to bring the ice cream, so we improvised - snow ice cream!

 Living beside a church means we have a huge pile of snow plowed from the parking lot right out our door.  It lends itself to sledding and snow forts.

 Maddie's box she made for Valentine's Day at her school.

 A WONDERFUL weekend away with great friends (despite the water disaster that was waiting for us at home.)

 After nearly 3 months, the beard disappeared.  It went in stages, and we had a good time with the numerous "facial hairstyles" he could come up with along the way.


 We came home from school and she went directly to the couch and fell asleep.

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