Friday, March 20, 2015

I stand corrected...

I thought it was a thing.

I remember my mom doing it back when we were young.

Cataloging it with a picture.

12 eggs all in a row, standing up on end.

On the Spring Equinox.  It had something to do with the earth's position that eggs could stand on end on this day, perfectly balanced.

Well, that was last century.  When Google was just a word you used to describe a really big number, not a search engine.

My childhood facts were dashed, as revealed the truth.

The Chinese are often cited as having originated the practice of standing eggs on end during the equinox. Just as the equinox symbolically restores balance to the world by signalling its rebirth after a season of darkness, the equinox literally balances the day by dividing it into equal portions of darkness and light.
Nonetheless, the vernal equinox brings no special egg-balancing properties with it. Standing an egg on its end is something just about anyone can do any day of the year; the feat simply takes the right egg and a little trial and practice.

Well, bummer.

Nonetheless, it didn't keep us from taking a picture of the feat.
Owen was actually the one to do it.  Amazingly, he did it in less than 10 seconds, so I don't know Snopes, we might have something here....

Supposedly Spring was ushered in at around 6:30ish this evening (I thought it was an all day thing, but I digress).  As soon as we balanced the egg, Maddie went running to the window:

"The flowers!  The flowers! Where are all the beautiful flowers?"

Sorry, Maddie, it takes a little longer than that for Spring to show it's colors.

But I promise it will happen soon.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lifesong Mission Moment: March

"We have a new family and a new home and we are now back in school!"

-Famatta, child from New Hope Children's Home 

New Hope Home Liberia

Ebola. The deadly virus that prowled West Africa last year, dominating the news and our newsfeeds. In Liberia alone, taking the lives of over 4,000, and leaving in it's wake sons and daughters to be orphaned and alone.

Meet three of those children: Famatta (14), Olbed (13) and Delight (8), son and daughters of George and Oretha Kanwah, whose lives were taken by the Ebola virus.

In response to this catastrophe, Lifesong staff in Liberia have established New Hope Children's Home, a home to not only provide shelter for 10 children orphaned by the Ebola virus, but also to give caregiver jobs to Ebola survivors.

Fametta graciously shares the devastation they have saw and felt, and of the hope that is slowly shining through...

"My father got the virus when a lady in his church was sick and he took her to the hospital. While at the hospital, the lady died and my father was sprayed with antiseptic and sent home. The next day he started getting sick and when he got to work, they told him not to come back. They also put us out of the company house where we were staying. One week later, my father died in his car and the Ebola burial team came and carried him to be burned in the fire.   

Few days later, our mother got sick and she couldn't eat, but cried all day. She was taken to the Ebola treatment center. Later, the center called our aunt and said our mother has died. 

My siblings and I were put into quarantine at the treatment center for 21 days. We did not get the virus, so the health workers took us back to the community, hoping someone will take us in. No one was willing. We were given a little food supply and some protective Ebola materials.

We were left alone in the community. Everyone is afraid of us. We were not allowed to play with other children or go to other people's houses or buy food from others with money from our hands. I am the oldest, so I tried to watch over my brother and sister.

But now we are have been taken in by Lifesong's New Hope Children's Home. We have a new family and a new home and we are now back in school." 

Please join us in praying for Famatta, Olbed, Delight and the other grieving children in our new home. Pray God would heal and soften their hearts to His Gospel of hope and redemption!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

I won't hold it against her...

She gets her spelling honestly.  I have struggled with it just as much, if not more, than what she does at this current age.

So, when she hands me this lovely little note....I'll try not to take it personally.

Friday, March 6, 2015

February Lookback

Welp.  Here we are nearly a week into March, and I'm just getting around to this.

I have no excuse to give, though I can come up with some.

Instead, I will post pics.

 We've had a good share of snow days around here, though, thankfully, not quite like last year.
This particular one was a Sunday.  Church let our early, all 3 kids went home and immediately put on snow clothes and played outside for several hours.

 It also happened to be Maddie's birthday.  
It was fun to be snuggled in together, with no need to go anywhere.

 The only downside was that grandparents weren't able to join us as planned, due to the snow.

 They were slated to bring the ice cream, so we improvised - snow ice cream!

 Living beside a church means we have a huge pile of snow plowed from the parking lot right out our door.  It lends itself to sledding and snow forts.

 Maddie's box she made for Valentine's Day at her school.

 A WONDERFUL weekend away with great friends (despite the water disaster that was waiting for us at home.)

 After nearly 3 months, the beard disappeared.  It went in stages, and we had a good time with the numerous "facial hairstyles" he could come up with along the way.


 We came home from school and she went directly to the couch and fell asleep.