Saturday, February 7, 2015

January Lookback

Snow.  Although not quite like last winter..thankfully.

Cold.  But not quite the Polar Vortex of 2014....thankfully.

We were able to fill January with a few snow days spent crafting and snowman building.

Evening dance parties help keep the cabin fever at bay.

And birthdays.  Celebrating at home for Paul's 33rd year.

And joining with family for a round of January/February birthdays.

I must admit, January, I was holding my breath.  Partly expecting to have another end to the month, like the one you handed us last year.  But mercifully, you passed on by and led us uneventfully into February.

Thank you, January, for your snow and cold and winteriness.  I'm enjoying you a bit more now that I have a husband who gets to stay home on snow days.

But not enough to make you more than 31 days long.  You are splendid for just that amount of time.  See you next year.

Glad to see old friends over the last few days of winter break

Hannah's car.  Took a good hour.  A nice quiet hour.

Dance parties.  Sometimes Disney themed.  Sometimes a little Rend Collective...

...but always in a fancy dress.

33 and rockin' the beard

Lots of snow forts and snowmen

And rounding out the month with a birthday celebration

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