Sunday, December 28, 2014

December Lookback: Christmas Edition

There are so many pictures taken in December, I feel I can't just pick a few. So to avoid making a post that is ridicuously long, I'm going to split it up.

This is the Christmas Edition, a lookback at our family Christmas's, for the family's sake.

The Suvar Christmas. 

 The girls helped Grandma roll out and fill the dough for cinnamon rolls.

 It was...a bit messy.

 These girls get along so well - so glad for cousins!

 Of course we did the traditional Slovakian Villia Dinner

 Sam and Kat have the ideal spot for a family gathering - thankful for the hospitality year to year!

Suvar, Party of 5, Christmas

 Dressed up for Christmas Eve Services

 The kids got puzzles in their stockings, which they put together after a breakfast of cinnamon rolls

 We did our traditional 'Picnic in the Living Room'  
Everyone chose a dish they wanted to have be a part of the dinner. 

 Watching Polar Express while we ate supper.

 They all got handmade robes.  
Loved that they showed up for breakfast the next morning wearing them!

 Maddie forgot until the next morning about a gift she had for Owen and Hannah.  She made a ballerina and cat with paperclip arms and legs for Hannah.  Owen got a cowboy and horse with similar appendages...

Steffen Christmas

 ALWAYS lots of sweets

 Matching sweaters from Grandpa and Grandpa

 And there is always at least one kid who has to watch the trains...

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