Tuesday, November 18, 2014

To weep, to rejoice

Rejoice with those who rejoice; 
weep with those who weep. 
Romans 12:15

If you have followed along with these Romans 12 posts this past year, you may recall how each month, despite the fact that these verses were designated for each month way back on January 1st, seem to always have a correlation with something going on in that month for me.

So, you can imagine my anxiety as November neared closer, knowing that the verse was "weep with those that weep."

What did this mean?  What was going to be the tragedy that led to weeping?  

Notice how I jumped right to the pessimistic side?  I didn't wonder with whom I was going to rejoice...hmmmm.

Well, November 3rd my dear Grandpa Herb passed away.

There was much weeping.

But so much more rejoicing.  We have hope that we will see him again someday!

What is our initial reactions when we hear of some tragedy in another family?

"Whew.  It's not me."

"That must be hard....moving on."

"Who can I go tell this news to!  I must pass on this gossip prayer request!"

And how about when you hear of great news happening to another?

"Wish it was me."

"Why do they always seem to have it good."

"Who can I go tell who will commiserate with me?"

"Well, I've got (fill in the blank) and they don't."

Ouch.  I'm sure there are countless other things that have popped in our heads.  

But what does God call us to?

To weep with those that weep.  Empathy.  To feel their pain with them.  To help ease the burden.

To rejoice with those that rejoice.  To be genuinely thrilled for the other's fortune.

Because, don't we find it true in our own lives?

When we can share our weeping, our burden feels lighter?

When we share our good news, the joy is increased?
We were made for community, for fellowship, for relationship.  And true authentic relationships share in each others weeping and joys.

May we all look for ways relieve the burden of one who weeps, 
and to truly rejoice with one that are rejoices.

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  1. Thanks for you honesty and reminder! Needed that today!!