Friday, November 7, 2014

October Lookback

Well, I've already sung the praises of October.  And, while I could elaborate some more on how much I enjoy this glorious month of Autumn, I'll spare your the redundancy.

Instead, I'll show a sting of pictures to help highlight our month.

Wrapping up the Fall Ball season

Celebrating Birthdays

A trip to see my sis and her adorable children

Running for those who can't

Lots of raking, and lots more jumping, in the leaves

A celebration of Grandparents

And just relishing in all the wonderful things that comes with fall.

Once again, October did not disappoint.

Dancing in the morning sunbeams

 A suprise: Grandpa showing up for the final game of the season!

 Cannot believe how grown up he is!

 Maddie wanted a picture with the 'winners'

 Birthdays!  I don't need to say how many years....

 Seriously just want to snuggle these two

Could just snuggle this one too, if she would let me!

 So glad to, once again, run in support of the Largent family!

Oh, and did I mention that Paul was just 8 minutes short of qualifying for BOSTON?!

That's exactly how I feel about it, too. 

 Grandparents Day at the kids' school.  
Hannah had one line in the program and she delivered beautifully!

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