Friday, October 17, 2014

Sunday is Race Day!

We're getting packed up, eating up some carbs, heading out in the morning for Columbus!

There is still time to donate to our pages, all proceeds go to help the little ones (and their families) still fighting their battles at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Here's the links again:

This year we are both feeling fatigue like we haven't felt in years before.  Not sure why that is, but the one thing that keeps us going is knowing we aren't running this one for ourselves.  This race has turned into something more than that.

We are running in memory of Bryer, and his short, powerful life.

We are running in support of his parents, Justin and Carey, a testament of faith and courage in difficult times.

We are running for all those little legs that want to run and can't.

And we are running for all those little ones who have beat us to the finish line, who are already receiving their racing medal, hung around their neck by the King.

And that is the most important race of all.

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