Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Look Back

August was FULL.

Full of New.

New job for Paul.

New job for me.

New teachers for Owen and Hannah.

New schedule for Maddie as she got to visit various friends houses while I worked and she waited for her day to start Preschool (not until after Labor Day!)

New baby niece which also brought new parent titles to my brother and his wife.

As we attempt to settle into all this sort of new going on, I pray that God's Spirit can be felt.  Moving among us as we see how our family now operates outside the parameters of houseparenting.  I pray our hearts are receptive to His Spirit and its leading, in whatever direction He takes us next.

For now we are caught up in the new and struggling against the constraints of time and schedules, priorities and commitments. And seeking and striving to keep God in the center of it all.

Otherwise, this crazy ship's gonna fall apart.

 Helping dig trenches to help with drainage (this house likes water...sigh)

Produce!  Loving all the fresh veggies we are getting this summer
 I believe he is dressed as a ninja.  A one-shoed, backward t-shirt ninja.

 Love it when all three kids play and imagine together

 Homemade ice cream and a National Geographic Kids Book.  Intense.  Can you tell?

 Last day of summer vacation, we took in the zoo.  

 Everyone jump on the count of 3.  1...2..3... oh well.

 First day of school (for all three of them)!

 "I think my outfit looks cute.  Please take a picture of me."  Oh boy.

 Elise Clara, born on our anniversary!

 Maddie offered to put away the laundry.  It turned into a sorting and making of outfits. 

 More produce!  I may have over done it on the amount of tomatoes I planted...
 The local splash pad closed on Labor Day.  The Thursday before we hit it up after supper.  Just about the only ones there.  It was delightful.

 End of summer campout.  Involved several stuffed animals, a large box fan, 
and a few stories before bed.

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