Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (not in that order)

We bought the house in the Spring of 2013, hoping to live in it someday.  While we knew our time at Gateway was continuing, we thought we were closer to the end than the beginning.

The house was therapeutic as we painted and made it our own.  Spending time on our off days and the mornings when the kids were at school.

The house was a flip, bought off a Sheriff's Sale.  The flipper painted everything creamish brown and stuck about 5 different trims up in the entire house.  The living room has 4 different trims in itself.  There were various 'window' openings of different heights that made the room feel off.  We loved the layout of the house, but it needed some TLC to make it our own.  I felt in some places things were painted over just for presentation while there were things under the surface that needed worked on.

Picture taken on the day we closed on the house

I was literally in the process of painting the last room, after 9 months of painting, when the Flood hit.

As I looked back through the pictures to find the one to post here I could feel the tears rising to the surface.  Just remembering the feeling of stepping into our house, hearing rushing water that sounded like a river, and feeling water rise up over my ankles.

 Picture taken after 24 hours from when the cleanup started.

But I also get emotional thinking about God's faithfulness, and how He brought us through that craziness and taught us some things along the way.

 Mid-March, new studs and new pipes installed

Later in March, drywall!

Whew, the drastic change from initial to end is enough, let along adding a little destruction in the middle of it all.

Today!  Love the bright white walls and the trusty leather couch 
that has traveled with us from home to home.

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