Friday, June 20, 2014


Life is made of a series of adventures, I believe.

And as one adventure is wrapping up I feel the need to make it known.

To testify.

To God's faithfulness. 

June 13th we turned in our keys, our access to the Gateway Woods Campus, and officially were not Houseparents anymore.

There were multiple feelings that I fluctuated between throughout the day.

But the one that I kept coming back to, that brought tears to my eyes...


Even that word seems inadequate. 

But I am overwhelmed by God's faithfulness to me.  To us.

You guys, the past 5 and half years have been a bit stressful.  Exhausting.  And there were times when we wanted answers and all there seemed to be was silence.

But God was there the whole time.

If my post back in January was any indication, I was in a serious valley.  Mentally, physically, even, dare I admit it...spiritually?

But in those dark nights when I would lay awake in bed, I could hear it being whispered to my soul:

Hold on.

God's still in it.  In the middle of what looks like a mess.  God is still working.

And I don't totally know why the last 6 months have played out like they have.

Losing over 75% of our house to water damage.  Months of job searching with no leads.  Dark fingers of depression that threatened to take hold.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.

Like I said, I don't know the whole story, the whole reason.  But I know The One who does.

And He has promised to work out His Plan for the good for those who love Him.  Not our plan, and not always for what we think is good.

But for His Plan and for His Good.  Which, ultimately, is our good.

And when I think of all that.  I don't know why God has placed us now in this spot.  A 75% new home.  A job for Paul that puts him directly across the street from where our kids are attending school.  A reprieve from the valley walking.

But I do know that it does not stop with me.  God does not bless us so that we can keep it to ourselves.

We are given so that we can then give.

I am still exploring what that looks like for us now in this new adventure and season.

And while I am searching, I just what to give props where it is due.

Ya'll God is faithful.  If you are sitting and doubting.  Just ask.  It may not look how you want it to, but God will deliver.

Because He loves.  He is love.  And He wants it all to work out for the good in your life,

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