Saturday, April 5, 2014

March Lookback

 March gave us some more winter weather, despite the fact that Spring was on the calendar 2/3 of the way through the month.

So, we tried to pull ourselves up by those winter bootstraps and enjoy it while it was here.

We saw some improvement on our house (praise the Lord!) and delved even deeper in exploring how our God is in control...always.

Now April is in full swing, Spring Break is just about in the rear window, and we turn our faces to the sky, hoping for that sunshine.

Hannah's 'snowman' she made by herself

Wacky Wednesday at school.  Ironically she didn't dress much different than she does any other day...

 Homemade Bird House/feeder.  As always, Hannah was the architect 
and I was her construction worker

 The month started out with studs

 Drywall was dropped off

 then installed

 and then painted!

 Heading out to Illinois for a family wedding meant a night at a hotel - and swimming.
As we were sitting on the bed eating PB&J's and watching a movie Owen exclaimed, "this is the best day ever!"  We keep it simple around here.

 I managed to get these two superheroes to stop for a photo-op...

 Right before they flew off to save the world.

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