Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Lookback

 Well, January.  I am glad that you are over.  Sorry.  But it is true.  There was a ton of snow, not enough school and a little bit too much personal property destruction for my taste. 

I won't hold it against you, January.  I am sure you have some redeeming qualities, and maybe next year you will do better.

For now, I will look to the highlights, shake my head at the lowlights, and thank God for the blessings (there are many!) among the curses.

 Snow days = puzzles.  And the ones of beaches are the best.

 So glad we had a chance to see the Muellers before they headed back out into the snow!

 Our towered snowman just as the Blizzard was setting in...
 and the view from the front porch the evening after it blew through.

 Did you know that when it is cold enough you can throw boiling water 
into the air and it turns to snow?

 More snowed in activities!

 You can't see it, but there is a sign right behind Hannah on that lamp post.  
The snow was piled halfway up to the light.

 Some days (most days?)  you just need to do this.

 When there is no school and it's too cold (-20!) to go outside, what better thing to do that to dress as princesses, make experiments in the kitchen sink, and twirl in the living room?

 A rousing game of Old Maid.

 My almost finished office taken a couple days before the water damage.  Fittingly, our family motto is written up on the wall, and can still be seen despite all the damage today.

 Kids' bathroom

 Our bathroom

 And we may need to get a new vanity and sink...

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  1. these pictures of your house are heart breaking. :( it looked so cute!!