Saturday, February 1, 2014

Celebration in the midst of it all

4 years ago we welcomed a dark haired individual into our family.

 Madeline Nichole was born.

She's grown up among teenagers and adults.  Content to play alone while everyone is at school.  But demanding of the spotlight when there are people to give it.

She has been our snuggler from the get-go.  I was afraid she would have grown out of it by now, but thankfully, she still loves to cuddle into me, give me kisses all over my face, and walk with her hand in mine.

Madeline makes us laugh daily, if not hourly.  That child has a knack.

I love to see glimpses of the young lady she may one day be.  Gentle with babies.  Compassion for those who are hurt or crying.  Praying daily for missionaries and 'those kids with no food or toys.'

Happy Birthday, Madeline.  We pray you continue to grow into the child of God that He has intended for you to be.  We love you and we are so glad you are part of our family!

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