Monday, December 16, 2013

Vilia, Princesses, and Snow

 We've started the Christmas celebrations.

We spent this past weekend with Paul's family.  We rolled out the traditional Vilia dinner complete with homemade nutbread, shrimp, sauerkraut, oplatky, opanskance, peas, communion wafers and wine.

Grandma Becky had a project for all of us.  The girls dressed up as princesses and put together princess puzzles, while the boys put on head lamps and assembled a salt-water powered car.  The boys were good sports and put on the princesses tutus...which I have graciously not posted on the Internet!

 Video games, board games, coloring, walking in the 8+ inches of snow, and staying up past midnight were all part of the gig too.

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  1. I'm reminded once again that you are a good photographer, Nichole. The 2nd to the last picture is my fav : ) M