Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Searching among the noise

A friend was telling me recently that she went to a few "Big" stores, looking to purchase a nativity set.  She was looking everywhere in the store.  She said at one point that she was even thinking, "Where is Jesus?  I am looking everywhere and can't find him!"

Sadly, it was found out that several of these "Big" stores do not carry nativity sets as part of their in-store merchandise stock (you can still find them online).  Because they don't want to offend anyone...sigh.

I had a similar experience recently while waiting in line at Goodwill.  I was trying to keep Maddie occupied and was playing "I Spy" with the display set up by the register:

"Where's the snowman?"

"Where's the Santa Clause?"

"Where's baby Jesus?"  Both the snowman and Santa Clause were easy to find, especially since there were about 10 different trinkets of each littering the shelves.  But Baby Jesus?  It struck me as I said it out loud,"

He's right there Maddie, in the corner...behind the Christmas Tree....

There was only one little tiny trinket, a Nativity scene tree ornament, among the many secular Christmas things.

It makes me sad to think how every year Christ seems to be acknowledged less and less during this Season.

Even though "He is the reason for the Season."

But you know what.  It's OK.  Jesus even said himself that this world does not know him, does not want Him.  Jesus called it out all those years ago.

But you can keep Christ in Christmas.  You can make it all about Him.

Less about the hustle, the bustle, the jolly fat man in a red suit.

Less about the parties and the gifts and the shopping.

More about the joy of being together, sharing Christ's love with those who know Him...and those who don't.

Showing others there is a joy that we have this season, that can last all year long.  Because Christmas celebrates the time when Hope came to earth, to live among us.

Not tucked in behind the tree and the snowman.

But front and center in our hearts.

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