Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another missionary goodbye

I have been thankful for the fast friendship that Hannah has made this year already in Kindergarten.

Almost from day 1 she has been coming home and talking about her friend Vivi.  She has talked about her daily and has even written numerous books in which "Hannah" and "Vivi" are the main character.  As more information has unfolded from Hannah, it sounded like Vivi came from a missionary family.  I wasn't sure if they were returning or going, and neither was Hannah.

Well, tonight there was an event at school and I got to meet Vivi's mom.  She told us that their family is in the process of going and are hoping to leave....the week after Thanksgiving.

A little bit of my heart ached right there for Hannah.  I know she is young, and there will be more friendships, but I was so glad to see Hannah make a friend. (I think I am projecting some of my feelings about my own past and the striving to make friendships, and how hard it was.  But this post isn't about me...)

As we were walking out to the car I said to Hannah, "Did you hear that?  They are going to be leaving soon?"

"Yeah.  That's sad....because Thanksgiving isn't that far away..."

Oh, I wanted to cry for her right there.

But I also want to see the good in this and how God works in all our lives, even little 5 year old girls. Because now this Vivi is going to have a little Hannah praying for her halfway across the world.  Hannah is our little prayer warrior, and rest assured, she will be praying (and wanting to mail letters every other day!)

Amazing that at 5 she already has missionary friends in several parts of the world.  Her world is so much more expansive than mine was at that age!

I know the girls will grow up and life will go on, but yet I rest on this promise: that God works all things out for the GOOD of those who are His, and are called according to HIS purpose (Romans 8:28 paraphrased)

There will be another good-bye for Hannah to make, but I pray that this gives her a glimpse into God's eternal plan, and that friendships made here, no matter how short, will be sweeter still in eternity.

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