Monday, October 21, 2013


A couple posts back I mentioned how I was learning more and more about the importance of  prayer and how we humans underestimate it all.



And how thankful I am for praying friends and family.

I have been privileged to be a part of a prayer group for a missionary family.  And to be part of a small prayer group of women from church.

Since joining these two groups in the last year my prayer life has increased. 

I've found how much I love to spend time just bringing others before the Father.  Laying their concerns at His feet, and all the while He is working in my heart.

I have seen the testament of prayers being answered: sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes wait.

But always answered.

I have heard others saying that they looked back at a very difficult time and have no idea how they made it through.  But knowing that they only way they did was because they were being carried by prayer.

The loss of a mother.

The loss of a child.

Moving across the ocean to a third world country.

A possible cancer diagnoses.

All times that, despite the horrible circumstances, people felt held by their Father, buoyed up through prayer.

On a much less critical note: I too have been thankful for the prayers said on Paul and I's behalf over the past month as we made the final push for the Columbus Marathon this past weekend.

Seeing Paul's ankle after he injured it a month ago, I didn't see it being possible that he could run 26 miles on it.  The pain and cramping I had in my foot made me wonder if I could put 13 straight miles on mine as well.  It was going to take a miracle.

Thank you for praying (and continuing to pray).  Praying and believing.

We were so thrilled to run in memory of Bryer, in support of his family, and in praise of God and His mighty works. Please keep praying for the Largent family, as they live life without their little "Champion."

Prayer is an awesome thing.  And may all glory go to Him.

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  1. Exciting, to have come from a blog that helps women consider if to have children or not, and then land on yours!

    May God bless you too.