Monday, September 2, 2013

August Lookback

August started with a wet-and-soggy, but prosperous Gateway Auction

bittersweet goodbyes a couple days later

a hold-on-we're-almost-there week leading up to school

the ache in the chest that came with sending two little Suvar's off to school and the relief that residents made the trek across campus to do the same

embracing the joy of 11 years of marriage, and all that has come along with it

a final campout in the backyard to tie up the summer

a colorful, messy run with a friend

and a uber-relaxing, much-needed trip to see dear friends for the weekend (bummer, no pictures - help me out Carmen!).

August was up and down with emotions and energy, but then, every month has some of that.  Thankful that God is still God, just like He said he would be.  In life's uncertainties, I need that.  Amen.

 Children's Museum in Indianapolis
 One of these days we'll have to make it back and get to all the exhibits we couldn't get to in one day.

 1st grade!
 Can't believe he's put up with me for this long.  But I think I have him convinced to stay around.
 Camping in the backyard and a bit of reading before lights out

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