Sunday, August 4, 2013

The End of a Long Goodbye

I knew the day was coming, and it was inevitable.

I knew there was going to be the last evening meet-up for Applebee's half-price appetizers.

The last time walking the Gateway track after the sun went down

The last time sitting by each other in church

The last time I went over to her house for a chat

There were a lot of 'last times' and they stretched over months.

But tonight.  Tonight was the end of the good-byes.

I was thankful to have been lucky enough to sit by her in church this morning.  Sing Fellowship of the Saints and read verses like Psalm 46: God is out refuge and our strength, a very present help in trouble.  All words that take on a different meaning when you are sitting beside your friend who is ready to embark on a life across the ocean.

So tonight we enjoyed a little time with the Wiegands.

A little hang-out in the empty auction tents.

It was a little windy...
A lap around the Gateway track.

Some homemade ice cream from Grabill Country Sales.

This one is for you, Carrie.

Enjoying one another's company.  Savoring the final moments.

We are so very thankful for Erik and Carrie and their friendship.  Thankful for their Godly example.  Thankful that we have known them and get to be a part of their support system over here.  Our loss is Zambia's gain.
Our little gifts from the Wiegands - prayer reminders!

We love you, Wild Wiegand's, and our prayers go with you!

A nice one...

A goofy one...

And finally a group hug.

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