Sunday, August 25, 2013

11 years

I think Paul summed it up best as we walked around Meijer last evening while on our "anniversary date."

"I think what I like best about being married for 11 years is that we can walk around Meijer, and not have to worry if the other person thinks it's lame.  Because we both are comfortable enough with each other that just hanging out in a store is enough for us.  We want to make each other happy, and we strive for that, but we're past having to try to impress each other."

And for us, that is just right.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Devin and I seemed to get to that level of not worrying what the other thinks awhile ago. Makes me a little nervous for what we'll be up to on year 11. :)

  2. Emily, Paul and I were like that early in our marriage as well. Just voicing it out loud and basking in the comfortableness in the middle of was nice.