Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Second time around

I'll have to ask my mom to get a better story, but I vaguely remember loving to put my own outfits together, and the thought that as long as the top and bottom were both stripes, it didn't matter what colors they were.

I loved coming up with new outfits and would often change a few times a day just so I could try out all my ideas.

Well, it seems I have bred a mini-me.

I was going to take a picture every morning for a month to chronicle all the outfits, but some days I was delinquent.  But, I have still managed to capture a few doozies.


*My favorite, by the way.*


  1. I love that you let her wear what she wants and don't care about what people think!!!! What does she do in the summer without the accessory of tights?

  2. yeah, you noticed the leggings...well, she still tries to get away with them in the summer.

  3. Such a sweetie! I remember loving to wear that Indian shirt as well. I see that its still a favorite in the family :) Love yous!