Sunday, July 7, 2013

30 days without accessories - a link up

A blog I follow put up the challenge.

Here were the rules:

Remove from your living space:
Stuff that’s sitting on surfaces like photo frames, decorative bowls, stacks of books and magazines (unless I’m currently, truly reading them), vases (unless they are holding live, fresh flowers), baskets o’junk on the surfaces and floor, pillows, throws, random cute stuff that I have sitting all over.
What you can keep:
Lamps that I use daily, stuff my husband sits on his man-station, plants that might die if I pack them away. Books that are stacked neatly on bookshelves.
Additional rules:
Pack it away for a month. IF you realize you need something you can take it out and use it. For example, if you are having company over and want to light a candle, pull it out and light it. If you are cold, go get your cute throw. If your children need the jar of colored pencils, go grab it.

I love to live with less anyways, so I thought this would be a fun thing to try.  It seems whenever I come back to our apartment from being out in the main house with residents, the place is just blown up, clutter everywhere.  Some stuff I just can't control (ahem, children) but some things I can.

So I took down all my random knick knacks (mostly a collection of pitchers and pottery, picture frames) and packed them away.  I didn't think I had a whole lot because I can't stand clutter, but I discovered something in the removal of my things.

Things just looked cleaner.

Despite toys on the floor and random shoes not being where they were supposed to, the whole living room seemed....quieter.

I seem to be able to clean up a lot quicker too, because random papers laying around stick out like a sore thumb which means they get dealt with quicker.  I think I will probably leave it like this for awhile.  I recommend trying it out yourself.  

You might just surprise yourself...and like it.

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  1. This is a very good idea sis! My house needs decluttered majorly. So I may put this into effect soon. Love ya!