Saturday, June 29, 2013

God's still in it

So we went to a wedding today.

I loved it.  It was a wedding of a long-time friend and I was so glad to be there to see their celebration.

I so appreciate a wedding that focuses on God.  On Jesus as the groom and the church as his bride.

And that is what we saw today.  It felt kinda appropriate to attend a wedding this week.

A week where the federal government decided to "redefine" what marriage is.  Now, I don't want to get into a long debate, because I will continue to believe what I believe.

And one of those things I believe is that God is still in it.

People can tell us that marriage means this or that.  They can define it how they want.

But God still created marriage.  That is not going to change.  And God is still in marriage.  I just saw it today.  He can be in your marriage.  And He can be is in mine.

And someday the ultimate marriage celebration will occur.  Between Jesus and His Church.

And I plan on attending that one too.


  1. love this!

    and here's a link to one of T & I's favorite songs lately, and some of the video images have stuck around in my head when I think of weddings. We really do have an awesome never ending wedding to look forward to : )

  2. Mandy, THAT was the song that was played at the wedding I was talking about. That was the song that the bride walked in to. I loved the music video and listening to the song again :) thanks.

  3. we were on vacay & missed the wedding so didn't realize it was the same song : ) how crazy, and what a perfect song to walk in to!