Friday, April 5, 2013

March Lookback

 March was a month where we eagerly awaited Spring, and it's warmer temperatures, but barely got a glimpse.  So, instead we worked with what we had.  And finished out the month with the greatest holiday of all.
 Shoveling sidewalks and building snow forts.

 Coming back in to warm up with hot chocolate...and a photo op

 Having friends over to made Pla-doh cakes and forts

 Celebrating March and April birthdays

 Recovering from a sprained ankle thanks to a basketball game (this only shows about half the damage)

 Reading some Bears on Wheels

 Craft time

 Taking naps in random places

 Hunting for polar bears (I think they found them in the sand box)

 Only way we get a picture is if we take it ourselves...

 Up bright and early for Sunrise Service on Easter

And finish it out with an Easter feast (next year I am getting a spiral cut ham, good grief.)

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