Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Lookback

February felt like the month of paperwork - filing taxes, registering kids for school for next year, finding a new insurance carrier as ours decided to drop us (hrmph...) amongst other various papers that needed filled out and filed and mailed.

Secretly, I enjoy that stuff, but I can allow it to stress me out knowing there are timelines attached.

Thankfully, we had some good, non-paper work times between all the paper flying around.


Traveling to see my grandparents (it did my heart a world of good.)

3 generational engine building

And a first haircut.

Thank you, February.  I enjoyed all of it.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Madeline (and her precious Baby Pink Heart)!

 Most of these decorating credits go to the 4 year old...
 Kids loved Grandma Jane (of course!) and did a few Highlight magazines with her
 LOVE this man
 Heavy reading (I think the title was Aeronautical Engineering)
 It was just a trim but it still felt big to me!

A Christmas gift from Grandpa - a model of an internal combustion engine (all assembly required)

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  1. the last 2 pics are my fav ( : good for you on attempting haircuts! movies & suckers go a long way at our house towards less tears during hair trimming because i am so slow!