Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Birthday wish....a day late

Sorry I'm a day late posting this, Madeline.  Please don't take that as something against you.  We love you with all our hearts. 

You are our baby, and even as you grow older, you will still be our baby.  Sorry, it just comes with the territory of being the youngest.  But here we are, celebrating 3 years of energetic, rambunctious life.  You came into this world, a head of dark hair, a screaming package of 6lbs 3oz.

Having been born into and raised in the Gateway community, you are used to being around all sorts of people, mainly people 10+ years older than you.

That doesn't stop you from making friends.  You've got a smile for whoever will take it, and even for the ones who won't.

By growing up around people older than you I sometimes worry that you will grow up too fast, but you still carry your blankie around with you everywhere you go, and that thumb on your right hand is found in your mouth 80% of the time.

I love that you still want to cuddle and sometimes demand that I lay down on the couch with you.  Those moments are some of my favorites. 

You love anything small, and collect those things and call them your babies.  And although you are prone to throw things at people just for the fun of it, you do have a soft side that loves hugs and giving kisses.

Madeline, we love you, and are so glad you are a part of our family.  We pray that you grow up to love Jesus and desire to serve Him and follow Him and that your life would bring Him all the glory.

A very Happy Birthday, our little Madeline.

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