Saturday, January 26, 2013


James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights who 
does not change like shifting shadows.

If you have followed this blog over the last couple months, you could probably sense that I was going through a rough patch.  Thankfully things have settled down a bit and I feel like I have been able to catch my breath over the last week or two. 

I'm a person who likes to keep calendars and record events to look back on later.  As I flipped through the last several months on the calendar I noticed a pattern:  every time we were on duty (a 6-9 day stretch) there was some big change that was happening in our house.  Either a new resident was introduced into the house, a major blowup happened with a resident that brought everything to a standstill, or a resident left for one reason or another.  Just looking back made me tired all over again.  No wonder I felt weary and emotionally spent!

I would like to not have to do anything of that sort again anytime soon.  But alas, that kinda comes with the job...and I sense more change coming around the corner...

Which is why I am glad I have a heavenly Father that I can cling to, through good times and bad.  

And that He gives me promises like that one stated above.

I have a Heavenly Father who does not change.

There are so many uncertainties in this life. And I can let myself get bogged down with concern over all the things that seem to be uncertain swirling around me.

But I just need to bring myself back to the Truth.  I feel like I blog about this a lot.

Maybe it's because I have a hard time learning this lesson in my life.

I like to have everything nice and neat and organized and where it's supposed to be.

However, life is messy and chaotic and disorganized.....and beautiful.  I guess if I wanted that perfect controlled life I could live as a hermit up in the mountains.

But then I would miss all the beauty that comes with this crazy life that is right here in front of me.  And the lessons they teach me.

And I will just have to wait for all that perfectness when I get to heaven.

Now that will be perfect.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

the instrument and the musician

Today it has been 4 years.  It one way it feels like this has been our way of life forever.

It other ways it feels like we just started doing this.

We have been living/working at Gateway Woods for 4 years.

As this organization's motto states, we are in the business of turning lives around.  Helping change families for the better.

This may be a bad PR move, but the truth is, in the 4 years we have worked here








Except maybe ourselves.

Because, the truth is, we are not the ones who make others change.

We just work at introducing these kids to the One who can help make that change.

Oftentimes I forget this. We had a great reminder this past week when the houseparents on campus got together.

God does not need us.

There it is.  To some it may offend you (what? I'm not needed? I thought I was important in this work of Christ!)  Others, you may be relieved (whew! sounds good.  I'll just sit in my little world a bit longer then if you're not needing my right now...)

But it doesn't stop there.  He doesn't need us but he wants to use us.  We were created BY God, FOR God.  To glorify Him in our actions and words.  He wants to use us, although He could do all His work all by himself. 

We can put ourselves on a pedestal sometimes thinking that we are the ones saving souls.

Ahem.  We are the instruments.  Not the musician.

No one is nearly as impressed with the piano as they are with the pianist. 

Same goes for this miracle of salvation.  This isn't about us.

It's all about Him.

This video puts it into better words than I can do. (thanks, Sarena, Nicole, Maria, and Amanda!)